Teaching: One of the Most Stressful Occupations

By Nancy Mikhail

“Teaching is among the ‘top three most stressed occupations.’” Is this true?

Teachers work very hard throughout the year. Teachers are more than just teachers. Teachers are psychologists, nurses, and cheerleaders amongst a list of other things. I say this because most teachers don’t just teach; they are there for the students to help them through a tough time, pick them up when they fall down, and wipe their tears.

In addition to working with the students, teachers are given administrative work, have to attend meetings, plan, and prepare for each day. Teaching goes well beyond when the school bell rings for the day.

In addition to the many responsibilities teachers carry throughout the day, when new standards or procedures arise teachers are responsible for carrying them out with little to no training. Based on a survey of more than 30,000 U.S. teachers, Layton says in this article, “Teachers said they feel particularly anxious about having to carry out a steady stream of new initiatives-such as implementing curricula and testing related to the Common Core State Standards — without being given adequate training, according to the survey.” Later in this article survey respondents says 89% said they were enthusiastic when they started teaching, but only 15% felt the same way today.

Therefore, when Sir Cary Cooper, professor at the University of Manchester’s business school says in this article , “Of all the the occupations I’ve studied, and that’s about 80, teachers are in the top three most stressed occupations,” I believe it.  Teachers have a lot on their plate.

Why do we do it? Because we love the children! We truly want to see each child succeed.

So during these upcoming breaks, make sure you relax! Take time for yourself, treat yourself to a massage, and most of all enjoy your families and friends.

Here are a few other tips you can try:

  • Break your tasks down into smaller tasks
  • Take a walk during lunch, a planning period, or after school.
  • Tackle your hardest tasks first. During the time you have to take on those tasks, make it enjoyable. Play some music!

Happy Thanksgiving!