Board Games for Language and Pragmatic Skills

Amira Hanna, a Speech Pathologist, writes about fun board games to teach Language and Pragmatic Skills. She provides a list of fun board games, along with what skills can help your child. Click on the link below to get this free and awesome resource!                 Click here to […]

Language Arts Strategies

I recently gave a workshop on various Language Arts strategies teachers can use in their classrooms. A few of the activities I talked about were ways to conduct Writer’s Workshop, activities for vocabulary, and how to include different content areas when reading a novel as a class. My favorite part of the workshop was when […]

Move and Learn

By Nancy Mikhail Casey Middle School in Boulder, CO has an interesting teaching model called Fit Lit, in which students combine physical activity with language arts. Students take a 45 minute fitness class followed by a 45 minute language arts class. Val Wheeler and Sarah Friend are both fitness and language arts teachers who lead this […]

Vocabulary Dictionary

Get This Packet Have your students keep their own vocabulary dictionaries to add new vocabulary words they learn throughout the year. Students are able to write the word, draw a picture about the word, and write the meaning of the word. This is a great tool to keep your students accountable for new words they […]

Language Packet

Get This Packet This packet includes several graphic organizers designed specifically for English Language Learners. They are great to use for all students as well! It includes games, review activities, and textbook comprehension practices. It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter Pinterest email Print Linkedin StumbleUpon


  Get This Worksheet Telescopes spelling list. It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter Pinterest email Print Linkedin StumbleUpon