Native American Project Kit

Get This Project Kit – $4.00 The Native American Project Kit is a great project for your students to study a Native American Tribe. This kit includes a step-by-step instruction of how to implement the project, project guidelines, a template for your students to fill in information about their tribe, a rubric, and history standards. Students […]

Reflecting on Your Teaching – Teacher Tidbit #8

Reflecting on your teaching is so important to grow as a teacher. It’s always beneficial to look back and realize what worked and did not work for a lesson or a student. This video gives suggestions on what you could do to effectively reflect on your work. Here is a list of questions you could […]

Student-Led Conferences: To Do or Not To Do?

By Nancy Mikhail Parents walk into their child’s classroom on parent-teacher conference day. Teachers sit across from parents and start telling them how their child is doing in class. This is the standard format for parent-teacher conferences. This is what we are all used to. But what if we could make it better? What if […]

Make History Appealing to Your Students!

                          Get Your Handbook Here – Cost: $10.00 The majority of students are disengaged when learning history because they do not connect with the material they are learning. Many students believe there is no reason for them to learn about what happened long ago. […]

Art Integration: the Effects and a Few Implementation Strategies

By Kaldia Nigh Art is a topic that is usually looked at as “just for fun.” That however is not true. There are so many benefits of utilizing the arts into your classroom. According to Gurnon, Voss-Andreae, and Stanley (2013) art helps foster creativity, observational skills, and self-expression. Art also fosters something that many do […]

Solar System Projects

                Get This Unit A collection of projects on the solar system, filled with hands-on activities for students to do. It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter Pinterest email Print Linkedin StumbleUpon