Smoosh Book

                  Get This Template (By Kaldia Nigh) Smoosh Book Science Unit Foldable The smoosh booklet is a type of foldable that allows you to create a book of whatever information you would like. For example, you could have students create a smoosh booklet to review a unit.  It's […]

Solar System Choice Board #1

                Get This Choice Board Choice boards are a great way to differentiate for your students. Check out this Solar System Choice Board. You could pair it with this project. It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter Pinterest email Print Linkedin StumbleUpon

School Starting Earlier in the Year

School Starting Earlier in the Year By Nancy Mikhail It seems as if every year the school year starts a bit earlier and earlier into the summer. When I was in school, we started in September, after Labor Day. Now, most public schools start at the latest mid-August. It’s bittersweet because on one hand teachers […]

Allow Me to Introduce Myself (Sherry Mohr)

Allow Me to Introduce Myself. I kick started my blogging series with a post about using blogging as an assessment tool.  Blogging is not a new mode of demanding an audience, but it is an effective one.  I plan to blog with purpose.  We’re all extremely busy, and let’s be honest, we’ve become accustomed to […]

Teaching with the iPad Workshop Blog

By Nancy Mikhail If you’ve visited Curriculum Resources, you may be familiar with my popular workshop, “Teaching with the iPad.”  If not, welcome! Let me tell about our latest event. “Teaching with the iPad” explores educational tools that can be integrated into the classroom or home school education.  I focus on all grade levels – […]