Steps for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Young Children

By Cory Turner, NPR In his new book, Raising Kids Who Read, Daniel Willingham wants to be clear: There’s a big difference between teaching kids to read and teaching them to love reading. And Willingham, a parent himself, doesn’t champion reading for the obvious reasons — not because research suggests that kids who read for […]

Top 10 Interactive Units

Plan your year ahead with these teacher-tested multimedia units including audio and online publishing resources for students, plus lesson plans and free printables for you. 1. Story Starters Grades K–6 These interactive writing prompts will spark your students’ imagination to begin their own adventure, fantasy, or science fiction stories. Be sure to check out the […]

18 Things Children Can Teach Us About Happiness

By Melissa Sher Little kids. They’re sticky. They drip a lot. And they mess up our stuff. But we wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. We can’t. We’re actually not allowed. Most countries have very strict laws against it. So, since they’re still ours for the next 18 or so years, let’s learn […]

Interactive Journals

Interactive journals are becoming more and more popular. They are tools to enhance taking notes (especially in math and language arts). What is your take in interactive journals? Have you tried them in your class? If so, which ones have you done? Share your experience!     It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter Pinterest […]

In Common Core, Teachers See Interdisciplinary Opportunities

By Liana Heitin Educators around the country are exploring innovative ways to teach the new common-core literacy standards, and some are calling attention to an approach they say is working well: interdisciplinary thematic units. Whether they’ve had these types of units in their repertoires for years or are just now jumping into such cross-curricular work, […]

Literature Circle Procedures

Get This Worksheet If you have literature circles in your class, give this simple procedure list to your students so they are clear about what they have to do. It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter Pinterest email Print Linkedin StumbleUpon