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    Hi Bciraco! We apologize for the delay in response. We’ve been making some changes to our website.
    A big proponent in science (especially introducing it in third grade) is exploring and collecting data. Therefore, having your students research and look for information about Native Americans or Explorers will meet that standard in science. Specifically, you may have students study the animals and organisms that were in the regions of the Native American tribes that you are covering. Part of the history standards for Native Americans is for students to learn how the Native American tribes adapted to their regions. You can connect how the Native American tribes adapted to their region and how the organisms learned to function and survive in the area they are in. To take it further, you can research which organisms and animals were in the regions of the Native Americans and connect it that way. That way, you are talking about one region (Native Americans and the area of the organisms).
    You can also connect Native Americans with Standard 3-3 about Earth’s Material and Changes. You can have students study the rocks, minerals, fossils, different kinds of water, and land features of the region that the Native Americans resided in.
    Please let me know if you have any more questions or need expansion or clarification on any of these points. Let me know how it turns out!