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    The most important thing is to plan, plan, plan! The more you plan, the more you will feel prepared and confident. Look at the lesson that you have to plan for next and start off by writing what the objective is. When you know what the goal of the lesson is, it will become easier for you to teach to reach that goal. Then you want to allow the first five to ten minutes for a Problem of the Day to review what you have taught previously (the problem of the day can range from one to five problems). Next, allocate about 15 to 20 minutes to teach the lesson. I like to teach math lessons by giving steps. I find that it is very beneficial to students, and it helps me explain how to do the math better. While I am teaching the lesson, students are taking notes in their math notebook. Side note: math notebooks are in itself a lesson to be taught, especially at 3rd grade if they are not use to it. So take some time to teach them how to organize it and write in it.
    After teaching the lesson, plan a fun and interactive math game to play as a class or in groups. There is a plethora of ideas online. Anytime you have a specific lesson to teach and get stumped on what kind of game to play, just post your question and I’ll give you some ideas!
    Then, leave the last 5 minutes of your math lesson to review what you’ve learned for the day. Let me know how it works out for you!