Grades K-2

Commas Lesson Plan

Check out this lesson plan about commas.

Comma Worksheet

Have your students draw a picture and write a couple sentences to practice commas.


Grades 3-5

Common Proper Noun Activity

A fun activity to have your students practice proper nouns.


Conjunction information sheet followed by a worksheet.

Descriptive Sentences

A worksheet where students add descriptive words to bland sentences and draw pictures that match their sentences.

DOL Fifth Grade Powerpoint

Have your students practice correcting these sentences everyday.

Examples of Pronouns

Sentence examples of pronouns.

Hyperbole Figurative Language Practice

Use this Powerpoint to teach hyperbole to your students.

Identifying Sentence Types Worksheet

A worksheet to help your students identify different types of sentences.

Linking Verbs Lesson Plan

A lesson about linking verbs.

Linking Verbs Worksheet

What are linking verbs? They connect the subject of the verb to additional information in the sentence. Download this worksheet to have your students practice linking verbs. Pair it with the Linking Verbs Lesson Plan.


A lesson plan about pronouns.


A presentation about sentences.

Showdown Rules

Showdown is a fun game to teach students about pronouns. All you need to do is create cards with sentences that include pronouns. Students then take turns reading the sentences, while others write the pronoun on their whiteboards. An interactive and unique way to practice pronouns!