Language Arts Strategies

I recently gave a workshop on various Language Arts strategies teachers can use in their classrooms. A few of the activities I talked about were ways to conduct Writer’s Workshop, activities for vocabulary, and how to include different content areas when reading a novel as a class. My favorite part of the workshop was when the participants came up with a chant about nouns using instruments! Here is a clip of them:

Noun Video

Here are a couple activities in detail that I spoke about:


My former 3rd and 4th grade class read How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell. When we completed the novel, we did various activities that the students loved, which also allowed me to combine different content areas. For example, students made cookies that looked like fried worms. They measured all of the ingredients, shaped the cookies to look like worms, then we baked them. It’s a great way to combine measurement. Another activity we did was for students to write their own worm recipes. Again, students are writing about measurement and they were able to work on their writing skills.

Vocabulary Dictionary 

A great way for students to keep track of the vocabulary words they learn throughout the year is for them to keep a vocabulary dictionary. This dictionary allows students to write the word, write the definition, then draw a picture. It’s a great review for students as well.

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