13 Colonies Research Report

Colony research project instructions.

13 Colonies Information Sheet

Fill in questions while students research their colonies.

Colony Research Rubric

Rubric for colony research paper.

Colony Poster Rubric

Rubric for colony poster.

Colony Oral Presentation Rubric

Rubric for oral presentation about a colony.

The Great Awakening

Powerpoint presentation about the Great Awakening.

Great Awakening Leaders

Lesson plan and information about the leaders of the Great Awakening.

Great Awakening

Questions about the Great Awakening to discuss with your students.

Roanoke Lesson Plan

A lesson plan about Roanoke Island.

Roanoke and Jamestown Powerpoint

Powerpoint presentation about Roanoke and Jamestown.

Roanoke Notes

Note sheet to have your students fill in about Roanoke Island.

Slavery in the Colonies

Powerpoint presentation about slavery in the colonies.