Curriculum Consulting Services

We believe in increased hands on learning to supplement the textbook. We focus on the Common Core Standards and how to teach from the standards to prepare students for future learning. Our specialists have worked with students from preschool to high school level. In addition, we have worked with English Language Learners, students with special needs, students with learning disabilities, and GATE students. We focus on providing professional development workshops for teachers, as well as developing curriculum for schools and teachers. Let our specialists come in and help your staff exceed teacher and student productivity.

Private Professional Development Seminar

One of our curriculum specialists can come visit your organization/school and advise your staff on curriculum best practices. A private seminar will include:

  • A detailed and hands on workshop for teachers to cater to your staff’s needs
  • Topics of seminars include:
    • Engaging activities and lessons to increase student’s productivity
    • Guided reading and language arts
    • Engaging ways to review information in class
    • Strategies for English Language Learners
    • Meeting all students needs in the classroom
    • Thematic planning
    • Using various resources in the classroom
    • Project-based learning
    • How to integrate technology in teaching

    *We can also customize a seminar to fit your staff’s needs!

  • Various templates will be included in the seminar based on the topic

Coaching for Teachers

A curriculum specialist can come work with a teacher one-on-one to:

  • Plan a customized yearly curriculum for the classroom that will meet that class’ particular needs
  • Advise on how to fix a consistent educational problem in the class
  • Combine standards to maximize the teacher’s most time in class, while make it engaging
  • Plan thematically to make class learning more interesting

All at an affordable cost!

Curriculum Development for Schools and Educational Programs

We can provide the following services for a school or an educational program:

  • Create and develop a curriculum for the year
  • Use the resources available and seek new resources to implement into curriculum
  • Modify and edit an existing curriculum to meet the demands of the current needs

Online Services

Have a quick question? Just login to the website and post your question. A curriculum specialist will address you promptly. Examples of questions:

  • “The next topic in my class is about Native American Indians. I want to make the unit fun and interesting. What are some ideas you could suggest?”
  • “It’s nearing the end of the year and I am having a difficult time fitting in all of the standards I need to teach. What do you suggest?
  • “I have various levels of readers in my class. How do I meet all of their needs?”

Telephone Services

Find it difficult to meet in person? We offer consulting over the phone too. Over the phone, a curriculum specialist can speak to a teacher or parent to have a conversation to answer any questions.


“Nancy Mikhail recently presented a wonderful in-service at our school. She
introduced our teachers to a variety of Ipad apps to use with our lessons.
I found this to be a valuable presentation and was very impressed with her
knowledge and expertise in technology. Nancy is a wealth of information
when it comes to teaching and curriculum. I would definitely like to have
her back at our school for more professional development.” -Tracey Parkhurst, Principal at Hillsborough Private School

“I enjoyed the in-service Mrs. Mikhail presented. We learned about
different apps we could use on our iPads during class instruction time.
Mrs. Mikhail gave us time to use the apps and then present the lessons we
made; she gave us feedback as well. She gave us ideas on how to use each
app, either from her personal experience as a teacher or tips she had
received from other teachers. She was confident, informative, and
approachable – she welcomed further questions even after the presentation
was complete.” -Kimberly Cleary, 5/6th Grade Teacher