Engaging Your Students in Math!

By Nancy Mikhail

Math games can be very engaging and beneficial for students to learn math concepts. Here is a game that one teacher described to me:

“Yesterday I was teaching my 5th graders about Addition Properties. Students had to know the three different properties and what the problems looked like that correlated with the property. I have very high and very low students in my class, so I usually split the time and work with both groups individually. After group time, we played a class game. I put the properties around the room and gave each student a math problem that correlated with that property. Students had to match the problem to the property around the room. Then after I checked their answers, they traded cards with each other then repeated the process. They had a blast doing this.”

Math games are definitely beneficial and helpful when teaching math. What are some math games you play with your students that have been proven beneficial? Share your comments below!math