Grades K-2

A-Z Math Cards

Use these math activity cards for centers, downtime in your class, or incorporate them into a lesson! Students will surely enjoy these activities. (PDF version)

A-Z Math Cards Document

Word document of A-Z math cards to edit for your class.

Addition Centers

Simple but effective. Laminate these worksheets and have students use unifex cubes to add problems and write them in with a marker.

Bottom Number Bigger Borrow Sign

Use this simple, but effective poster to remind your students how to borrow.


Grades 3-5

Add and Subtract Decimals

Lesson to teach adding and subtracting decimals.

Back to School Math Number Hunt

A fun math activity to kick off the school year.

Building Business

An engaging activity to help your students learn the details of building a business using math concepts.

Calculating Area and Perimeter

A worksheet to practice area and perimeter.

Common Core Math Standards Stickers

Stickers with Common Core Standards. Use in lesson plan book or to organize what you’ve taught.

Does¬†Mcdonald’s Serve Burgers?

A fun mnemonic to remember the steps of long division.

Decimal Quiz

A quick quiz about decimals.

Divide by 1 Digit Divisors

Dividing by 1 digit divisor test.

Divide by 2 Digit Divisors

Dividing by 2 digit divisors test.

Filling In Addition

Addition worksheet.

Jumpalot Activity

A fun activity to teach mean, median, and mode.

Long Division Powerpoint

A fun Powerpoint to teach long division.

Multiplication Instruction Game Sheet

Have your students create a game about multiplication.

Multiply and Divide Expressions

A lesson about multiplying and dividing sentences.

Order of Operations Song

A rap song to teach order of operations.

Place Values Through Decimals

A lesson to teach place value of decimals.

Operations Test

A test about order of operations.

Probability Project

To wrap up your probability chapter, have your students do this probability project.

Time and Temperature Test

A test about time and temperature.