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Educating children on the importance of caring for their mental health is crucial to their emotional well-being and quality of life. Schools for Hope is a free research based curriculum developed by the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression designed to equip youth with the social and emotional learning tools for hope, as research suggests hope is a teachable skill.  Hopelessness is the number one symptom of depression and leading predictor to suicide, therefore the program focuses on prevention by providing multiple mental health tools and exercises to ten year old students.
Lessons, stories, and activities explore the concrete actions a person can take to create his or her own hopeful attitude.  Students will define hope, explore and define the meaning of “success,” and learn how they can connect their passion and purpose in life.  In addition, topics also cover brain biology, importance of gratitude, identifying a person of support and how to overcome both anticipated and unanticipated events and challenges in life.
For further information or if you have any questions, please email schoolsforhope@ifred.org or visit www.schoolsforhope.org.
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