science-and-technology-clipart-i15Grades K-2

Phases of the Moon with Oreo Cookies Lab   

Have your students do this fun Oreo Cookie Activity to learn the phases of the moon.

Grades 3-5

Astronomy Find Someone Who 

Find Someone Who – Astronomy is a fun and engaging way to have students review what they have learned about planets, moon phases, and more.

California Water Supply Anticipation Guide

Before your students read about California’s water supply, have them take this quick quiz before.

California Water Supply Notes

Have you students fill in these notes while you have the discussion about water supply.

California Water Supply Find Someone Who

To review about California’s Water Supply, have your students play this game.

Constellation Powerpoint    

Powerpoint presentation about constellations.

Earth and Moon Powerpoint 

Straight to the point Powerpoint presentation about the Earth and Moon.

How do the Earth, Moon, and Sun Interact?

How do the Earth, Moon, and Sun interact? The essential question for this project. There are tons of activities included in this project for students to do!

Minerals and Rocks Powerpoint 

Good introduction about minerals and rocks.

Rock Characteristics  

Here is another rock characteristic page.

Rock Hunt  

Send your students on a rock hunt with their parents!

Rock Properties  

Students observe rocks while recording the properties.

Solar System Project – Choice Boards

This project is great for differentiation. Students choose from a choice board of activities that involve the solar system. After completing two activities, students are to write about their experience, then present on it.

Solar System Choice Board #1

Choice boards are a great way to differentiate for your students. Check out this Solar System Choice Board.

Solar System Choice Board #2

Choice boards are a great way to differentiate for your students. Check out this Solar System Choice Board.

Solar System Project – News Report

Students become news reporters in this project. Students are assigned an essential question: Are the Earth, moon, and Sun planets? After researching, students are to give a news report on the topic. This document also includes a fill-in page students could use while researching.

Solar System Projects

A collection of projects on the solar system, filled with hands-on activities for students to do.

Solar System Trading Cards

Fun fact cards with detailed information about each planet.

Weather Report   

Have your students present a forecast about the weather.

What Makes Up the Solar System Powerpoint   

Details about the solar system in this presentation.


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