Grades K-2

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Have your students create a mini booklet about a pumpkins life cycle.


Grades 3-5

Cell Lesson Plan

Lesson plan and ideas to teach about cells.

Cell Project Ideas

Different cell project ideas to help your students learn the parts of a cell.

Cell Structure Powerpoint

Great Powerpoint on parts of a cell. 

Circulatory System Powerpoint

A great, detailed Powerpoint about the circulatory system.

Ecosystem Plan Handout

Students engage in this ecosystem project to help them understand a specific ecosystem.

Ecosystem Plan

A detailed ecosystem project plan.

Freshwater Presentation

A Powerpoint presentation about freshwater.

Nonvascular and Vascular Plants Lesson 

An interactive lesson about plants. 

Photosynthesis Lesson

A fun activity about photosynthesis.