Grades K-2

1st Grade Science Lesson Plans

A collection first grade science lesson plans from the Discovery Science Center.

Magnet Lesson Plan   Magnet Worksheet

A simple lesson plan about magnets along with a worksheet.

Popcorn Air-Matter Lesson Plan

Teach your students about gas, one of the properties of matter, with this fun popcorn activity. Students blow air through a straw to see how far a piece of popcorn could go. This activity is great for 2nd and 3rd graders.


Grades 3-5

5th Atomic Candy Lab

An activity to help students learn about atoms with candy!

Circuit Activity

Have your students create a circuit and answer these questions to guide them.

Gravity Worksheet

Sometimes students just need to draw a picture to understand. Have them draw a picture of what they think gravity looks like to them.

Matter Powerpoint

A colorful Powerpoint presentation about the basics of matter.

Paper Plunge

Students plunge a cup with a wad of paper at the bottom of it to prove that air takes up space. When they quickly pull the cup out, the paper is still dry!

Waves Powerpoint

Powerpoint about the different waves.