Instructional Activities to Engage Learners

By Nancy Mikhail Last week, I gave a workshop to a group of teachers about different activities to help increase student engagement in the classroom. Why is student engagement so important? Brooks and Brooks (1999) argue that  “when a teacher arranges classroom dynamics so that she is the sole determiner of what is ‘right’ in […]

Project-Based Learning Template

            Get This Template Use this Project-Based Learning template to help plan your projects. This is a very organized template to give you a head start. There are some project activity ideas on the template as well. For more information about Project-Based Learning or questions on how to use this […]

Inquiry-Based Learning: Enticing Student Curiosity

Inquiry-Based Learning By: Sherry Mohr One of my research projects is focused on inquiry-based learning within the classroom. I want to test how inquiry-based learning affects student engagement. Engagement is a buzzword making headlines within education. It is a construct that teachers base entire curriculums off, and an abstract that many hope to achieve amongst […]

Portfolio Assessments: A New Look at Student Metrics

Portfolio Assessments: A New Look at Student Metrics By: Sherry Mohr Imagine standing before a panel of faculty. Each one has a list of questions and a booklet of information. This booklet contains information that you wrote. It’s your senior thesis. You’re standing before this panel to defend it so that you can graduate…from high […]