Reflecting on Your Practice

By Nancy Mikhail I decided to write about reflection because I recently began mentoring student teachers, which is causing me to reminisce about my own student teaching. One of the many things that I remember about student teaching is the fact that I reflected so much and how my mentor at the time explained how […]

Inquiry-Based Learning: Enticing Student Curiosity

Inquiry-Based Learning By: Sherry Mohr One of my research projects is focused on inquiry-based learning within the classroom. I want to test how inquiry-based learning affects student engagement. Engagement is a buzzword making headlines within education. It is a construct that teachers base entire curriculums off, and an abstract that many hope to achieve amongst […]

Portfolio Assessments: A New Look at Student Metrics

Portfolio Assessments: A New Look at Student Metrics By: Sherry Mohr Imagine standing before a panel of faculty. Each one has a list of questions and a booklet of information. This booklet contains information that you wrote. It’s your senior thesis. You’re standing before this panel to defend it so that you can graduate…from high […]

Differentiating Instruction

By Nancy Mikhail I’ve been reading a lot lately about different types of learners and how they learn best. I studied the different learning styles during my credential program, however I’m brushing up on it now because I will be presenting on ‘Appealing to Different Learners’ in September. Differentiating instruction for students is probably the […]