Pauma After-School Workshop

Nancy Mikhail will be presenting two workshops at Pauma After-School. The first workshop will be about Project-Based Learning and the second workshop will be Language Arts Strategies.   This is a private event. It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter Pinterest email Print Linkedin StumbleUpon

Solar System Project – News Report

              Get This Project  Students become news reporters in this project. Students are assigned an essential question: Are the Earth, moon, and Sun planets? After researching, students are to give a news report on the topic. This document also includes a fill-in page students could use while researching. It's […]

Project-Based Learning Template

            Get This Template Use this Project-Based Learning template to help plan your projects. This is a very organized template to give you a head start. There are some project activity ideas on the template as well. For more information about Project-Based Learning or questions on how to use this […]

Project-Based Learning Workshop

Nancy Mikhail goes over the components of Project-Based Learning and how to effectively apply and integrate projects into the classroom. This is a hands-on workshop! Nancy also goes over how to combine learning standards for classes that have two grades and how to effectively combine and separate them when needed. By the end of the […]