Reflecting on Your Teaching – Teacher Tidbit #8

Reflecting on your teaching is so important to grow as a teacher. It’s always beneficial to look back and realize what worked and did not work for a lesson or a student. This video gives suggestions on what you could do to effectively reflect on your work. Here is a list of questions you could […]

Reflecting on Your Practice

By Nancy Mikhail I decided to write about reflection because I recently began mentoring student teachers, which is causing me to reminisce about my own student teaching. One of the many things that I remember about student teaching is the fact that I reflected so much and how my mentor at the time explained how […]

Stamp Act Activity Reflection

Get This Worksheet After learning about the Stamp Act, students used their tickets they earned in class to make a poster. They had to pay for markers, the poster, and any other supplies they needed. Of course, students thought this was unfair to use their hard, earned tickets for frivolous items. But this was the […]