Make History Appealing to Your Students!

                          Get Your Handbook Here – Cost: $10.00 The majority of students are disengaged when learning history because they do not connect with the material they are learning. Many students believe there is no reason for them to learn about what happened long ago. […]

Language Arts Strategies – Teacher Tidbit #3

Nancy Mikhail gives 3 helpful and interactive language arts strategies you could do with your students that will help you easily differentiate for your students, as well as incorporate various content areas. It's only fair to share… Facebook Twitter Pinterest email Print Linkedin StumbleUpon

Language Arts Strategies

I recently gave a workshop on various Language Arts strategies teachers can use in their classrooms. A few of the activities I talked about were ways to conduct Writer’s Workshop, activities for vocabulary, and how to include different content areas when reading a novel as a class. My favorite part of the workshop was when […]

All About Centers

I talk about centers quite a bit in my posts so I thought I would explain how they work and different activities you can include. Have you done centers before? Well if so, you’d know they are a great tool for differentiation, small group instruction, and a chance for students to use their creativity. Students […]