Building Relationships with Your Students 

By Nancy Mikhail Building relationships with students is crucial for building a solid teacher-student connection filled with mutual respect and trust. This connection creates a safe environment for students. As a result, students are more motivated to learn and minimize classroom disruption. “Aligned with attachment theory (Ainsworth, 1982; Bowlby, 1969), positive teacher-student relationships enable students […]

Instructional Activities to Engage Learners

By Nancy Mikhail Last week, I gave a workshop to a group of teachers about different activities to help increase student engagement in the classroom. Why is student engagement so important? Brooks and Brooks (1999) argue that  “when a teacher arranges classroom dynamics so that she is the sole determiner of what is ‘right’ in […]

Project-Based Learning Template

            Get This Template Use this Project-Based Learning template to help plan your projects. This is a very organized template to give you a head start. There are some project activity ideas on the template as well. For more information about Project-Based Learning or questions on how to use this […]

Engage Students in Learning

By Nancy Mikhail Teacher-directed vs. student-directed…This is an ongoing topic, but one that is very important. Thankfully, most schools are straying away from teacher-directed teaching and moving on to student-directed teaching. Student-directed teaching focuses on the students, how they learn, and how they are involved in learning. It’s more than simply working out of workbooks, […]

Reflecting on Your Practice

By Nancy Mikhail I decided to write about reflection because I recently began mentoring student teachers, which is causing me to reminisce about my own student teaching. One of the many things that I remember about student teaching is the fact that I reflected so much and how my mentor at the time explained how […]

How to Cope with Large Classroom Sizes 

By Nancy Mikhail A couple weeks ago Sherry Mohr touched on overcrowded classrooms in her blog post, “Crowded Classrooms and Teacher Shortages.” Adding to her post, here are some suggestions and useful tips to help teachers and parents cope with inevitable large class sizes. For Teachers:  Create Centers If you haven’t already, create centers in […]

Rock Hunt

                        Get This Activity Have students’ families get involved in this activity! Students go to different locations to look for unique rocks in nature. This sheet allows for students to draw and write what they find, as well as the rock’s characteristics. A true hands-on […]