Classroom Management December Tip

By Nancy Mikhail With the holidays in full swing, students are sure to be extra energetic and extra excited. This burst of energy often leaves teachers exasperated and ready for the the long awaited winter break. On top of all this, some schools are busy with holiday parties, plays, and fun activities, which doesn’t alleviate […]

Differentiating Instruction

By Nancy Mikhail I’ve been reading a lot lately about different types of learners and how they learn best. I studied the different learning styles during my credential program, however I’m brushing up on it now because I will be presenting on ‘Appealing to Different Learners’ in September. Differentiating instruction for students is probably the […]

Move and Learn

By Nancy Mikhail Casey Middle School in Boulder, CO has an interesting teaching model called Fit Lit, in which students combine physical activity with language arts. Students take a 45 minute fitness class followed by a 45 minute language arts class. Val Wheeler and Sarah Friend are both fitness and language arts teachers who lead this […]