Reflecting on Your Teaching – Teacher Tidbit #8

Reflecting on your teaching is so important to grow as a teacher. It’s always beneficial to look back and realize what worked and did not work for a lesson or a student. This video gives suggestions on what you could do to effectively reflect on your work. Here is a list of questions you could […]

My First Day As a Teacher

By Nancy Mikhail As a new Kindergarten teacher at a small private school, I walked into my classroom on a hot summer day to begin organizing my room. I had so many questions…wondering what I’ll teach, how I’ll teach, the personalities of my students? I started sifting through the resources in the room, while these […]

Reflecting on Your Practice

By Nancy Mikhail I decided to write about reflection because I recently began mentoring student teachers, which is causing me to reminisce about my own student teaching. One of the many things that I remember about student teaching is the fact that I reflected so much and how my mentor at the time explained how […]

How to Cope with Large Classroom Sizes 

By Nancy Mikhail A couple weeks ago Sherry Mohr touched on overcrowded classrooms in her blog post, “Crowded Classrooms and Teacher Shortages.” Adding to her post, here are some suggestions and useful tips to help teachers and parents cope with inevitable large class sizes. For Teachers:  Create Centers If you haven’t already, create centers in […]

Differentiating Instruction

By Nancy Mikhail I’ve been reading a lot lately about different types of learners and how they learn best. I studied the different learning styles during my credential program, however I’m brushing up on it now because I will be presenting on ‘Appealing to Different Learners’ in September. Differentiating instruction for students is probably the […]