Welcome to Teacher Tidbits! Each week, Nancy Mikhail will provide a 2-3 minute teacher tip for the week.

Reflecting On Your Teaching – Teacher Tidbit #8

Reflecting on your teaching is so important to grow as a teacher. It’s always beneficial to look back and realize what worked and did not work for a lesson or a student. This video gives suggestions on what you could do to effectively reflect on your work.

Motivating Your Students – Teacher Tidbit #7

Motivating students is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. Find out ways to motivate your students in the classroom in this Teacher Tidbit.

End of Year Classroom Management Tip – Teacher Tidbit #6

During the last few months of the school year students start to get antsy and get really excited, which makes classroom management more difficult! Find out what you can do to help your students.

All About Centers – Teacher Tidbit #5

Nancy Mikhail goes over how to incorporate centers in your classroom. Centers are a great way to differentiate for students, individualize instruction, and engage students.

3 Apps to Use in Your Classroom – Teacher Tidbit #4

Find out three great apps you could use in your classroom to help your students practice spelling words, create lessons, and create picturesque words.

Language Arts Strategies – Teacher Tidbit #3

Nancy Mikhail gives 3 helpful and interactive language arts strategies you could do with your students that will help you easily differentiate for your students, as well as incorporate various content areas.

Project Based Learning – Teacher Tidbit #2

Need a quick overview on how to start implementing projects in your classroom? Nancy gives a step-by-step overview on how to start planning your projects.

Choice Boards- Teacher Tidbit #1

This weeks tip is about Choice Boards. Choice Boards are a great way to differentiate for your students. Find out more here.