Back To School Night

By Nancy Mikhailback-to-school1

Back to School Night is a night where you meet your student’s parents, give information about your class, and list your expectations for your parents. For some it may be a breeze, but for others it could be a bit nerve-wracking speaking in front of parents and wondering what they’re going to think of you. Although some schools already had Back to School Night, many are coming up this week or in the coming weeks. The most important aspect of this night is for you to be prepared. Make sure you have all of your information ready, handouts for the parents, and possibly a Powerpoint presentation to go along with your presentation. Also, be sure to be prepared to answer various questions about the class, what you are teaching, the curriculum you are using, and about the Common Core Standards. It is also important to talk about how best to communicate with you, class procedures, expectations, what you hope to gain out of the year and your teaching pedagogy.

Another aspect you could include is to design a small activity for the parents to make it more interesting. You could have your students write a letter to their parents and leave it on their desk, and have the parents write back to their children so they could find the letter on their desk the next school day. Or you could have a “Guess Who It Is” activity in which students fill out a worksheet or draw themselves, but don’t have them put their names, and parents have to find which picture is their child. Point is, try to make Back to School Night an interactive and informative night for your parents. It is the first impression you are giving to the parents and you want them to feel comfortable having their children in class. Both you and the parents want the best for the students and working together will help achieve a successful year!