Classroom Management December Tip

By Nancy Mikhail

With the holidays in full swing, students are sure to be extra energetic and extra excited. This burst of energy often leaves teachers exasperated and ready for the the long awaited winter break. On top of all this, some schools are busy with holiday parties, plays, and fun activities, which doesn’t alleviate an already hectic month.

Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to keep the students on track and bit more focused. Most classrooms already have incentive programs such as tickets, green/yellow/red cards, marble jars, or the pin up/down charts. However, during this month, it would be beneficial to implement a temporary classroom incentive program to help students stay focused. For example, my main incentive during this time was to hand out tickets for good behavior. However, that didn’t cut it for my students. Therefore, during this 5-6 week stretch between the Thanksgiving and winter breaks, I implemented the marble jar method. When students behaved, I added to the jar. When they did not, I took marbles out. If students filled the jar up completely, they received some sort of party (pizza, ice cream, donuts, etc.). It would be something exciting for them with which to end the year before the break.

What sort of strategies or ideas have helped your students stay on track before break?

During this time, it’s all about thinking outside of the box and surviving until winter break. Hang in there!