Allow Me to Introduce Myself (Sherry Mohr)

Allow Me to Introduce Myself.

I kick started my blogging series with a post about using blogging as an assessment tool.  Blogging is not a new mode of demanding an audience, but it is an effective one.  I plan to blog with purpose.  We’re all extremely busy, and let’s be honest, we’ve become accustomed to reading 140 words at a time (thanks, Twitter) and scanning posts through a feed (no, I’m not interested in what you ate today, but thanks for sharing).

Okay, okay all jokes aside. I’m very excited to write for Curriculum Resources and I’m extremely passionate about education and what’s happening in it.  I believe we’re on the wake of an educational revolution and I credit our latest technological advancements for that.  We now have the ability to move beyond the classroom lecture, the mundane worksheet, and the inefficient method of regurgitation.  As educators, we can use technology as a means to create higher learning and facilitate critical thinking amongst our students.  We’re becoming an innovative society and active, lifelong learning is essential. It is important that we instill a love of learning and knowledge into our students and really reach out to them in ways that engage them.

I know I sound idealistic.  Like I said earlier, I’m passionate about education so I’m going to focus on topics that matter such as project-based learning, standardized testing, Common Core, student-led learning, and why some colleges are doing away with lectures and how that affects students.  These are just a few topics floating around in my head.  I’d also like to interview teachers, librarians, and other educators on topics they find important today.

So let me formally introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Sherry.  I’m a librarian, an educator, a researcher, and a lifelong learner.  I hope to engage you with interesting topics; dialogue about ideas, aspirations, and dreams; teach you and be taught by you; and, most importantly, grow with you.

I’m looking forward to this journey so let’s get started.