“Your workshop on motivating students was the best staff development, especially in 90 minutes, that I have attended in my 22 years of teaching elementary school in Fullerton!” -Steve Welch, Teacher at Fullerton School District

“I have worked with Nancy Mikhail on several of her seminars.  She builds her workshops around the subject matter and presents them in such a dynamic, interactive way that it keeps the attendees involved on many different levels.  Her presentations are hands-on and allow the audience to interact with one another and share their thoughts and personal knowledge with the rest, making the workshop itself more of a community learning experience.  I have seen many repeat attendees who follow Nancy’s workshops where ever she is hosting them, which is proof of how enjoyable they are.  Nancy’s presentations always have something new to offer, which makes them a pleasure to look forward to.” -Phil Rivera, CM School Supply 

Our Curriculum Specialists provide informative, hands-on, and engaging workshops to teachers and parents. All workshops are hands-on and educators are sure to walk away with more ideas on differentiation, student engagement, and tons of strategies! Below are some of the workshops we provide along with a description:

Project-Based Learning

Nancy Mikhail goes over the components of Project-Based Learning and how to effectively apply and integrate projects into the classroom. This is a hands-on workshop! Nancy also goes over how to combine learning standards for classes that have two grades and how to effectively combine and separate them when needed. By the end of the workshop, you should be feeling confident on how to implement projects in your class to encourage students to think critically, make learning more meaningful, and have fun at the same time!

Instructional Activities to Increase Student Engagement

Find out new fun and engaging ways to have your students become more involved and engaged in the classroom. This workshop goes over simple, yet effective activities and techniques you could include in your everyday lessons. These strategies are sure to increase student engagement!

Teaching With A Tablet

This workshop goes over creative applications to use on your tablet (iPad or Android) that you can use in your classroom or at home with your child. These applications will enhance your student’s learning and you can use them to adapt their learning to their needs. Whether you have one tablet for the entire class, or a class set, after this workshop you will be able to use your tablet in a productive and efficient way for your student’s learning. Click here for a preview of some of the applications discussed during the workshop.

Appealing to Different Learners

During this workshop, Nancy Mikhail will discuss various activities you can do with your students or child at home to help them learn and reach their maximum potential. She will also discuss different types of learners, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Each child should be able to learn and it is up to the educator to plan the most fitting lessons possible! Read about the importance of differentiated instruction and find out just a couple of activities Nancy talks about in her workshop here.

Reading Strategies

This workshop goes over effective and engaging reading strategies you could implement in your classroom. Whether you are starting to teach your students how to read, need strategies on engaging students to read, or even trying to set up your reading time to differentiate for your students and make your reading time the most efficient, this workshop is for you!

Language Arts Strategies

Want to find out about more fun and engaging activities to do during your Language Arts block? This workshop provides hands-on activities for participants to try, along with a plethora of information about different lessons and activities to include for grammar, writing, and vocabulary. Click here for a preview of what this workshop has to offer.

Reflecting on Your Practice

Lana M. Danielson writes about Fostering Reflection  and says, “Because of their ability to reflect, great teachers know not only what to do, but also why.” Reflecting on teaching is crucial to improving a teacher’s practice. This workshop goes over different types of teachers and effective ways to reflect on your practice.

Motivating Your Students

Do you have that one student who just doesn’t feel like doing anything? Well, worry no more! During this workshop, you will learn the reasons why students have difficulty with motivation, and things you can do as an instructor or parent to help them deal with these issues.

At this workshop, you will:

  • Work collaboratively with other participants to determine causes of students being unmotivated
  • Learn effective techniques to have your students participate in class
  • Find out the causes of your students’ lack of motivation

Lesson Planning 101

Back to basics. Need to learn how to plan a lesson? Or maybe you need a refresher? In this workshop, Nancy Mikhail goes over the steps to lesson planning and why each one is important. She also goes over lesson planning ideas.

Here is a list of a few more workshops we can offer:

  • Guided reading and language arts
  • Engaging ways to review information in class
  • Strategies for English Language Learners
  • Meeting all students needs in the classroom
  • Thematic planning
  • Using various resources in the classroom
  • Project-based learning
  • How to integrate technology in teaching

We can also create a workshop to meet your school’s needs!

Please contact us at info@curriculumresources.net or fill out this form.

Pictures from various workshops!



“The Project-Based Learning Workshop Nancy facilitated was excellent.  Prior to the workshop, Nancy contacted me twice to get more insight into the needs of our education center.  She was thorough in her research and brought us a training that met the specific needs of our program.  The workshop was fun and engaging, well-paced, and interactive.  We will definitely be using the tools we received to enhance our student learning.

The Language Arts Strategies Workshop that Nancy brought to our program was very beneficial.  She began by using an interactive exercise to learn the specific strengths we already had and then was able to focus on our needs.  We were explicitly taken through the steps for teaching phonics and reading and then were able to practice our new skills.  We were also introduced to a number of resources as well as activities we could use with our students.” -Chelsea Gonzalez, Pauma Band of Mission Indians, JOM Manager

“Nancy Mikhail recently presented a wonderful in-service at our school. She
introduced our teachers to a variety of Ipad apps to use with our lessons.
I found this to be a valuable presentation and was very impressed with her
knowledge and expertise in technology. Nancy is a wealth of information
when it comes to teaching and curriculum. I would definitely like to have
her back at our school for more professional development.” -Tracey Parkhurst, Principal at Hillsborough Private School

“I enjoyed the in-service Mrs. Mikhail presented. We learned about
different apps we could use on our iPads during class instruction time.
Mrs. Mikhail gave us time to use the apps and then present the lessons we
made; she gave us feedback as well. She gave us ideas on how to use each
app, either from her personal experience as a teacher or tips she had
received from other teachers. She was confident, informative, and
approachable – she welcomed further questions even after the presentation
was complete.” -Kimberly Cleary, 5/6th Grade Teacher 

When asked “What was the most beneficial part of this (iPad) presentation?

EVERYTHING! Thank you Nancy. Great info for our kids and program. -Belina DeMartiniez, Service Coordinator